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Recent Publications

  • Najdowski, R, & Palmer, D. (forthcoming 2023) ‘Speculative Visions: Machine Learning, Photography and the Climate Crisis’, The Climate Catastrophe: A Creative and Critical Survival Guide, London: Intellect, 2023 

  • Samartzis, P (2022) ‘Atmospheres and Disturbances: Mapping the eco-acoustics of Jungfraujoch’ for Sound in the construction of knowledge, practices and representations in the Alpine space, Editions Antipodes, Lausanne  

  • Samartzis, P (forthcoming 2022) ‘A Melting Landscape: Mapping the eco-acoustics of the Swiss Alps’ for The World We Want: Dystopian and Utopian Impulses in Art Making, Intellect, Bristol  

  • Samartzis, P (2022) ‘Wandering in Someone Else’s Garden’ for A Guide to Experimental Fieldwork for Future Ecologies, Onomatopee Projects, Eindhoven  

  • Tytler, C. (2022). We Found a Body: The Intrabody of Human, Technology, Narrative and Environment as Postqualitative Inquiry. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 1-9.

  • McCracken, C (2021) ‘Dystopias for Discourse: the role of the artist in rapidly reconfiguring city’, Global Discourse: An interdisciplinary journal of current affairs, Volume 11, Numbers 1-2, February 2021, pp. 67-78.  

  • Williams, L (2021)     ‘Visualising Anthropocene Extinctions: Mapping Affect in the Works of Naeemeh Naeemaei’ Animal Studies Journal 10:2, 57-89. UN Sustainable Development Goals 11, 13, 15

  • Jones, O, Rigby, K. & Williams, L (2020)  ‘Everyday Ecocide, Toxic Dwelling, and the Inability to Mourn: A Speculative Response to Geographies of Extinction’ Environmental Humanities Duke University Press, 12:1, 388-405. UN Sustainable Development Goals 11, 12, 13

  • Williams, L (2019) ‘Deep time & myriad ecosystems: urban imaginaries and unstable planetary aesthetics’ The Aesthetics of the Undersea ‘Edited by Margaret Chen and Killian Quigley, Routledge, 167 – 179. UN Sustainable Development Goals 11, 13, 14

  • Williams, L (2018)     ‘Art and the Cultural Transmission of Globalization’  The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies Oxford University Press, 493-512. UN Sustainable Development Goals 10, 11, 13, 16

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